Red light is to stop, yellow light is to push your luck, like I do, and the green is to go. I wish we had traffic lights for our stomachs, mouths, ears, and eyes. We have no control and do not know when to stop. Keep the yellow light for parties, weddings, vacations, and special occasions. We can push ourselves once in while. The red and green represent common sense and yet, we lose control and pay the price with our health and peace. There are people who have complete discipline and only live with the red and green lights. I am mischievous and the yellow light is created for my fun, to push the buttons, but eventually, the big red light stops me on my tracks. My red light is the images of the spiritual Masters. They tell me “ENOUGH!” I shut up and obey. If they were not in my life there would only be the green light. God shows up in yellow color when a person does not do too much or too little. That’s when you can enjoy Him. Next time you see a yellow light remember His mischievous smile. — Satish Daryanani