We have to get on the train ride of silence. The first station we pass is called, “Glimpse of Peace.” Next we pass the station, “Tapping into the Inner Voice,” which gives us some wisdom. We, then, pass the station, “Nothingness.” Later, we pass “Permanent Deep Inner Peace.” After we pass the station, “Truth,” there is a junction where the train’s engine is changed. Now, you are on a bullet train. On this ride, there are no questions, attachments, desires, fears, and you are free from heaven and hell. The stations are called stages. The first stage is beyond nothingness, beyond seeing the inner light. Then stage two and three are all your previous stations. This infinite train ride can be put on pause if you do not wish to seek more. It is up to you. Who would want to end a train ride that just lets you experience and enjoy more and more? It is like telling someone, “After winning the first championship, you cannot win any more.” — Satish Daryanani

Train station

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