After coming out of an hour-long session of tranquility, it is very hard to talk. You gauge the depths into which you went based on how long it takes you to get your voice back. When you meet people afterward, all you can do is look at them. At that moment, if people seek your blessings, it is of no use to put your hand on their heads. They should look into the eyes of the one who has just come out of being completely with the One. That person is nothing but a conduit to the infinite. The longer you enjoy this tranquility, the more a cocoon of peace wraps you. It is like Spider-Man covering you with his web. Then, no matter what is happening in the world, you are protected. There will even be slight guilt about that, “Have I stopped being human? Have I become a stone now that I am unaffected?” Then the answer will come: Being human is not about how you react to the world, rather it is about how you live for the world. — Satish Daryanani

tranquil eyes of a child