Imagine that your child is deaf, dumb, and blind. You have the power to cure them yet, you choose not to. God watches His children eat mud out of sheer hunger, suffer a variety of diseases, and die from the coronavirus. God even lets them die while they are babies. This is the highest form of detachment. He only loves and lets the laws of karma do their part. If someone wrongs you, there is no need to do anything. Stay soft, don’t allow your feelings to harden. The law of karma is worse than any punishment you would like to give. God, who can stop everything, lets the karmic law do its part. It’s going to benefit the child in the long run. Karma exists only to reform, not to punish. When we understand that all that is happening to everyone is only for their benefit, then we are at peace knowing the laws of action and reaction are in perfect harmony. — Satish Daryanani