Today is my beloved Master’s 100th Birthday. The hardest thing for me to admit is that I have truly loved no one in my life — neither the spiritual Masters, nor the Lord Himself. Did I rejoice in everything that came from the loving hands of the Lord? The answer is no. Did I completely obey the Masters who were guiding me for my benefit? The answer is no. Did I argue, fight, get upset, or get hurt by someone? The answer is yes. True love is like an iceberg dissolving in the ocean. Love just for the sake of loving. The “I” melts in it. Longing and shedding tears for the Beloved is just infatuation. Not only have I not given my heart to anyone, I have not even given the shadow of my heart. It is easy to die for someone, but hard to die for the same person while living. It is only when you lose yourself completely in love for the one who is in everyone will you be led to universal love. Please bless me, Oh Lord, to experience this love in my lifetime. — Satish Daryanani

All you need is love, in white chalk on heart-shaped slate