Conspiracy theories make for wonderful stories, and we hear a lot of them. Are they the absolute truth or just stories about the truth? Most of us only hear stories about the truth. Many governments do not release the truth, as people cannot handle it. Even about extraterrestrials, we are kept in the dark. We only hear stories about God. Only the one who has met God knows the truth about Him. Even the saying, “The truth shall set you free,” can only happen with pure concentrated truth, not with the stories written in scriptures. Truth is very hard to handle in any aspect of our lives. You will lose a lot of friends, relatives, and customers. Truth is bitter, there’s no doubt about it. Those who want to taste this bitter chocolate will work towards discovering this truth. Once you get it, then you get to enjoy the sweetest chocolate in this world. Now you become the storyteller of the truth. — Satish Daryanani