When big vessels come into a harbor, two tug boats are required to maneuver them to dock. If the two tug boats do not communicate with each other and go in opposite directions, the ship could get damaged. We, too, are ships. The bigger the ego, the bigger the ship. We do not learn from our lessons. The two tug boats are guidance and grace. People come into our lives to give us guidance, they are the first tug boats. With every birthday that goes by, have you learned anything? If you are still the same, then the first tug boat cannot do anything. The second tug boat is grace. We do not have faith in grace, so we resist the efforts of the tug boats. Whatever is due to us will come to us, yet the big ego wants to take on all the pressure. These two tug boats are at full throttle, yet the ship cannot dock and rest. We are restless in the ocean while a safe harbor awaits us. So, like the captain of a vessel, let go of the ship, which is the ego, and let the two tug boats do their jobs. Then you can enjoy the steadiness of a solid dock. Enough of rocking in the open seas.— Satish Daryanani

tug boats and cruise ship

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