Everyone goes through an experience, or a situation, that changes his or her life. Sometimes it can be more than one situation, like a major illness,  the death of a dear one, or a big financial loss. My turning point was in 9th grade. I was an A-plus student and was very good at Math. I failed in five subjects including Math. From that day, I realized I have to do my best. I could either be an A or an F student—nothing in between. Sometimes, a major sickness comes at a young age and that becomes a wake-up call. We have limited time in which to transform ourselves. You have had enough fun in this world. Refrain from it for some time and enjoy all the possibilities to maximize this birth. A sacrifice is a selfish act. It gives you so much more in the long run. Every successful person uses that one moment in time that turns their life around. The bigger the obstacle the greater opportunity to turn your life. The best example is of Mahatma Gandhi who was not allowed to sit in first class on the train in South Africa, even though he had a first class ticket. He fought for the rights of the Indians under British rule. He brought the movement to India. One man’s turning point became the turning point of a nation. — Satish Daryanani

Alexander Graham Bell