If you want to entertain yourself, figure out how grace works. Grace flows every second of your life. For me, everything that has happened and is happening only benefits me. Every word spoken by my spiritual Masters has only been a boon in my life. Even so-called profit and loss was for my good. If I had experienced the truth when I was young, I would not have had so many wonderful years in the physical presence of my Masters. Real understanding of grace came to me at the right time so I could understand the application. Dissecting grace is my new hobby. One perfect movement of divine grace starts a chain reaction that can change your life. Another example: In the 9th grade, I failed in 5 subjects even though I had been an A+ student the previous year. It busted my ego. That, too, was grace, as it transformed my life. Once this drug of understanding grace is experienced, nothing else will consume your mind. You live in awe of how well-planned, efficient, and perfect is grace.— Satish Daryanani

Illustration describing the grace of prayer