We think we need a good mind to understand things. It really all starts from the heart. The seeker wants to understand because there comes a yearning from the heart. He looks for a guide to turn the yearning to knowledge. The guide helps the seeker look within and convert the knowledge to experience. Once experience take place it turns to wisdom. This wisdom leads you to become a guide yourself and help others become seekers. This is the cycle of spirituality. As you grow, so will your understanding. Being in the human form there will still be some limitations toward perfect understanding. You can come close. In the end, after all the understanding, you will end up back in the beginning. “Lord, You know what is best. Why am I wasting my precious time and energy trying to understand Your play? Let me go back to being a child and enjoy life. I do not wish to understand Your perfection.” I wasted all these years trying to understand what I already knew. You start from the kindergarten of understanding and get your PhD realizing that everything was perfect when you were a child playing in kindergarten. The more you know, the less you need to know. In spirituality, intelligence means you know nothing. Realizing this is true wisdom. This empty head lets you discover peace. Enjoying this peace is understanding the purpose of life. — Satish Daryanani

understanding - light pouring into concentric circles