We have to perform updates on our electronic devices when needed. We have to wait patiently for the system to reboot and we must remember all the passwords. My direct connection with God has a password, “Love.” If someone hacked my device and found my password, it would not bother me. God would shut down this ignorant mind and hopefully reboot it with wisdom. Now, between God and me, there would be no hang-ups. I would be getting all the latest anti-virus software. If we got updates from God, what would they be? God would immediately send me all His latest updates: He would tell me, “My business is booming and is in high demand due to the coronavirus. I am even looking for volunteers to help Me.” Only real emergency calls would go to Him. Now that the places of worship are closed, everyone wants a direct link with God. Many are updating their connections with God after many years. Some previously saw God in black and white, and are now seeing Him in vivid color and 3D. Let’s make a deal. Every time we update our electronics we should also update our link and connection with God.— Satish Daryanani

Update key on computer