Prayers are good and very useful but I always hesitate to pray, as I feel I am using God. The only prayer I believe in is, “Thank You, Lord.” Yet, once in a while, when I face a real hurdle, where I need help, I pray to God and my hurdle is removed. Later, when I am sitting in silence, I feel guilty for using God. My dear friend is being used for my benefit. Then the question comes: Is my love for God real? Or is my love given just because of all that the Lord does for me? Is my love unconditional love, loving just for the sake of loving? With the Grace of God, my prayers are answered instantly, so the guilt grows. The Lord is so loving to me that everything I need is provided. So, I use prayers as a spare tire only when I reach my breaking point. All I can do is pray to God to please forgive me for using Him. — Satish  Daryanani