When you have the coronavirus, you have difficulty in breathing. Your lungs need assistance from a ventilator. It feels as though you are drowning. I wish they had ventilators for those on the spiritual path. If you choose the path of devotion, your lungs go through the same experience, like you are suffocating. You are drowning in your tears and sorrow in longing for the Lord. Many times you feel you are dying due to that pain. In a way, you are happy, as the suffering of longing will end. The Lord still lets you live, and you go through this process daily. After this self-induced torture, no other pain can affect you. Even the suffering from the coronavirus is a walk in the park. You suffer and die each day, until the Lord reveals Himself. Then there are crazy people who self-induce Alzheimer’s disease and forget that the Lord revealed Himself. They go back to longing and suffering for the Lord to again reveal Himself. They live with the coronavirus their entire lives. — Satish Daryanani