After finishing a Star Wars virtual reality game, you experience a high. In VR, everything seems so real: the height of the area with molten lava fires at the bottom and getting shot with Blaster rifles. It feels like you are in a real fight. Everything is different, even your own image is changed. When the game is over, you return to your self. The first person to think of a virtual reality ride is God. He lets us all play in this virtual reality world. We can have a fear of heights, fear of heat and fire, fear of being killed, and we can get excited. When this ride is over, we will revert back to our true selves and laugh at the virtual reality ride of life. All the good and bad guys meet and discuss the battles they had. We will even say, “Let us give a very high rating for this ride so others, too, can enjoy.” I felt the Star Wars game was too short, as I had so much fun. Similarly, this ride of life will feel short, as there is so much fun playing the game of virtual reality. — Satish Daryanani

Man playing in Virtual Reality