More than the Coronavirus, the greatest virus threat in the world is fear. Being cautious is one thing, but dying from the fear of death is worse than dying from the virus. We all have to die, whether it is from a virus or from the clogging of our arteries. The world’s economy is suffering because the media helps create this fear. I was asked if someone should travel. I told them to sit in silence and receive the answer. When you have God in your veins, then what can the poor virus do? If sickness comes, it is for my benefit. If death comes, I am getting fired from my job. This virus will test and see if we are truly living the teachings. Everything is created by God, including all the viruses. Our immune systems, which protect us, are also given by God. Even faith and fear are given by God. The only choice we have is to choose between faith and fear. — Satish Daryanani

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