Our common sense tells us how much to eat, how much to exercise, how much sun we need, how much to rest. We wait for our bodies to be deficient in vital minerals and then go to a doctor who tells us what to do. We fall sick, become weak, and feel low. Then we try to recover rather than maintain a healthy body. Similarly, spiritual Masters guide us to sit in silence. Do not chew more than you eat, as far as your workload goes. We get stressed by making too many commitments. Build a relationship with the Lord when things are fine. Help others when you have an abundance. Then, if hurdles come, they are only small stepping stones in life. We do not need a doctor to guide our bodies or a psychiatrist to deal with our minds. We know what is good for us and do not yield to our greed, laziness, or weaknesses. People do small things that hurt us, we lose relationships, and we end up feeling isolated. All of our self-caused sufferings come from a lack of discipline of the mind. Our health, feelings, insecurities, stress, and anxiety arise from that. Work on the mind and all the so-called challenges will disappear. Then, your peace is maintained even though external situations in your life may not cooperate with your will. — Satish Daryanani

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