In the old days when the internet was slow, we had to wait for a download to finish. We are now waiting to be free to go back to our normal routines. We are waiting to meet God and to become realized souls. We are waiting to experience peace and grace. We are waiting for all our goals and dreams to be fulfilled. Some are waiting to retire and others, who are going through a lot of suffering, are waiting for their deaths. Some Christians wait for Jesus to come again, while Jesus is waiting for them to come to Him. Poor God is waiting patiently for all of us. We must learn from Him how to let go of our children. He has given us complete freedom to either forget Him or come running back to His waiting arms. Waiting is a virtue, as all good things unfold in time. The longer you wait, the greater is the appreciation when things happen. This may sound crazy but, waiting to meet and experience God is greater than getting the fulfillment of experiencing God. — Satish Daryanani