I was waiting for the thought this morning and the answer came, “Waiting.” We are waiting to receive God’s grace to experience God. We are waiting to experience peace. We are waiting to earn enough to retire so we can be happy. We are waiting to get in shape by exercising. We are waiting for Jesus to come again. We are waiting to die and go to heaven. We are waiting for our health to improve. We are waiting to find a perfect life partner. We are waiting for so many things that life goes by in waiting. We end up waiting for one extra breath to live. We are waiting for perfection that does not come. Imagine saying, “I am waiting for this moment to never end.” Waiting for that is allowed. While I was waiting for the answer to “waiting,” I was completely connected. The answer stopped the fun of waiting for the answer. The longer the Lord takes to answer, the more I enjoy the waiting. Waiting for the Lord’s s grace, answer, and revealing Himself is the joy of waiting. I used to wait outside the room of my spiritual Masters. The longer they took, the more I enjoyed the excitement of their coming. Then, when they did come out, they would enjoy seeing the joy on my face. Just enjoy waiting for the love of your life. Waiting for the rest of the stuff is just a waste of your precious time. — Satish Daryanani