A wake up call wakes us up from deep sleep. We all need a wake up call to awaken our sleeping souls. The Covid-19 virus is one such example. It can either take a tragedy or an experience of something truly wonderful. But it has to be different. If it is the same, you will continue sleeping and not listen to the call. First, we must want a wake up call. Most people enjoy living in their dream world. Then, you have to pray and, with grace, you get hit on your head with a hammer. Now you hear the ringing that tells you it is time. However, if we complain and do not see the benefit, the opportunity is lost. Wake up calls can also be small ones that can improve your health or give you appreciation and a positive outlook in life. The best wake up call is when you realize that all your past lives and the current one has been wasted in the sleep of ignorance. When you do wake up all you will do is nod your head and realize that you are the dumbest human being in the history of humanity. Satish Daryanani