Sometimes a song or a situation takes us back to our past experiences. It might have been a joyful or a painful experience. This memory comes in a flash, with many years compressed in a few minutes. Once you sit in silence, you can get a flash of your entire being—not just this human form, but everything that has made you reach this point. What you are is because of all your experiences. All that happened in the past was only for what you have become today. Everyone and everything has come in your life to teach you. Going back and changing even one thing would change where you are today. You would ruin the perfection of your life. For me, going down memory lane is for my entertainment. Being with my spiritual Masters and making fun of my own ignorance by remembering the questions I asked. As years pass by, there will be another thought sent: enjoying the memory of the ignorance I have today. Walking down Memory Lane is only a chance to laugh at our stupidity.. — Satish Daryanani

Memory Lane, Old photos being inspected