Walking barefoot on the sand at the beach is good for our ankles and our balance. We leave our footprints in the sand, but the water comes and goes and erases our footprints. They are temporary. It is the same for all the impressions we leave in life. Yet the footprints of sages and saints are permanent. Thousands of years later, they are still remembered. Their teachings are everlasting. It is not only what they said, but how they also lived their teachings. We average people come and go because we seek God in our lives. The saints realized they and God are one and the same. We see God as a separate entity. They see the one God in everything. We want God for all that comes with God. They only spread the love of God. We exist due to the ego, so God is separate. They do not exist—God is working through them. The imprint of their holy feet will always be in our lives. No waters of the world can wash them away. When will we leave an imprint on the world that time cannot wash away? — Satish Daryanani

Beach walker footprints