If you practice austerities with full devotion, you can gain the gift of walking on water. There are those who not only can walk on water but also become a boat and help others move from one shore to the other. To attain this, you have to become nothing. Even for a split second, if you become aware of yourself, fear will set in, and this gift will be lost. This ability to walk on water is a yogic power. Using this power for the sake of others by becoming a boat is Karma Yoga. The purpose of life is to work on ourselves first. Only if we can float, can we be of use. Then no storms can make us sink. People do the opposite. They try to reform others without reforming themselves. Work to a state where there are no more questions, no you, and no fear. This makes you ready to be a useful instrument. To reach this state is not easy. There are a lot of tests. Many give up. If you do get it, then it is your choice. Enjoy this gift for yourself or help carry others with you. — Satish Daryanani

Ferry boat