After seeing war movies, you feel that all the horror, suffering, violence, and sorrow, was for nothing. Today, the same countries are friends and do trade with each other. Our problems in life are meaningless compared to the problems faced during world wars. Some people actually enjoy war, as they are in power and enjoy the action. Wars take place only because of egos clashing. You may not have a world war yet the whole world is still at war. As we have egos, we are still at war over our differences of opinion. We are at war with ourselves, the ignorant self trying to stay in power and fighting the true self. We are at war with our conscience, as we want to go in the opposite direction. We are at war with our families, as to how to spend the money and whose way is the correct way. We are at war with God as to the way He is doing His job. War is in your nature, so use it for your benefit. Create a war with your mind and say, “You are not going to control me anymore. I am fighting for my freedom from you.” Then you can celebrate Independence Day from your mind. — Satish Daryanani

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