We like to take a break from city life, yet we get bored when we are away from our night clubs, restaurants, and movie theaters. We want silence, but we are not able to stay away from our social circle. We want to lose weight and get in shape, but we are not able to exercise the discipline to stay away from our favorite foods. We want to have a companion in our lives, yet we want to maintain our independence. We want to enjoy peace and experience God, but we still get consumed by the world. We do not wish to lead a retired life, as we will have too much time, so we go back to our jobs and complain about having no time. Trying not to worry in our lives, we end up worrying about everyone’s lives. We want to save the world, but spend no time on saving ourselves. Most of the people I know are confused about what they want. Not being able to commit to even one thing, our lives become like yo-yos. We struggle with not deciding what we really want. — Satish Daryanani

Girl with thought cloud about what she wants