Whenever I enter into a question and answer session with anyone, the other person already knows everything. All they want to know is a short cut, a quicker way to experience or a new easier option. Everything is a process and life is simple. It takes its course and eventually whatever is meant to happen will happen. Our education system requires many years of school, followed by many years of college, then post-graduation and, eventually a PHD. No one calls to ask me why education takes so long and if there are any shortcuts to graduation. However, they want to achieve enlightenment with just a snap of the finger. They start on the path and within a few months or years want to experience what the spiritual Masters spend their entire lives to experience. Attaining enlightenment takes longer than all your education, and yet, it can happen in a split second. Pray for the lottery ticket of instant enlightenment or go through the process and enjoy the journey. Satish Daryanani