We spend more time thinking about what others think, do, like, dislike, and even about their past and future. We should, instead, be focusing on ourselves. Even when I traveled with my spiritual masters, people were more concerned about their travel plans rather than the plans to save themselves. It may be my strength or weakness but I am truly consumed by myself. I am always analyzing everything that can affect me now and in the future. I have given up on my past and, now, prefer to move forward. I keep making new friends and don’t think too much about my childhood friends. I truly don’t care about what people think, as it does not affect my life. There is a song, “It’s my life,” and we should keep singing that song. We are alone when we come and leave these human forms. If you want to add someone then add God and imagine what God thinks of all you do. This way your mind is occupied. This thought is written only for you, and not for what others think of it. Satish Daryanani