We are able to land on the moon. We fly on a plane. We can make or destroy the world. However, we limit ourselves by thinking small. Our lives go by just making ends meet, struggling for our basic necessities. Even in business, we struggle to pay our bills. Our lives are concentrated in a very small circle — like blinkers put on a horse so it only sees the road ahead. What are we really? Once that understanding comes, all the pettiness from our lives is gone. Imagine if the Queen of England got up one day, forgetting that she was a Queen, and tried to get a job, living from hand to mouth. Someone would tell her, “You are a Queen. These palaces and jewelry are all yours. Come and reclaim your throne.” We, too, are like that. We have the abundance of fortune and wisdom—all that God has, has been given to His children. We also forget. Someone has to remind us. We have to reclaim our thrones, our inheritance. When things are good in our lives, we do not spend time on this. When we get laid off from our jobs or are struggling in our businesses, it’s too late. When the moments are good in your life, work on the real you so that, when things are bad, you know your true worth. Hurdles will be a walk in the park. You underestimate your capacity. You underestimate the control you have over the forces of nature. Everything can become your slave. All you have to do is find the Royal blood flowing in you. — Satish Daryanani

A queen