Someone told me there has to be Hell, as all those who do wrong have to go there. There has to be justice for that. So, Heaven indirectly is our reward for being good. Who are we to judge who is good or bad? Most people think they are good and, according to that assumption, Hell should have no customers and will go bankrupt. We think a priest is good and a prostitute is bad. We do not know anyone’s devotion and purity of the heart. A sign of a good person is being able to see good in another, see their strengths, and work to bring out their qualities. My Hell will be the day I think I am good. Working to correct my flaws is my Heaven. Justice in life is not my problem. What comes to me is justified, as it has come from the supreme, supreme judge. We suffer so much trying to be a policeman for the world. Let others be the way they are. You can find even a good quality in Donald Trump. He sticks to his campaign promises. There are as many qualities that we have to work on as there are people. Let me start with one—not finding faults in others. — Satish Daryanani