On a plane, an elderly passenger asked if his wheelchair was put on the flight. After being told many times that it was, he was still not satisfied. When I told him it was on the plane, he was satisfied, as the information came from a fellow passenger. We all want to make sure everything is fine. Will our children be okay when we are gone? Will we be forgiven by God for all that we have done? Even, will the world be doing fine when we are not around? When I was younger, I always needed assurances from my spiritual Masters that all the different aspects of my life would be well taken care of. Today I feel sad because of my insecurities. All is perfect, all is well handled, and all is protected. This is a very simple thought, yet very important. We think of so many issues: my university, my job, my life partner, my children, my retirement, my old age, and the condition of my soul after death. If the agent of the airline can take care of your wheelchair, then the Boss of everything can easily take care of all your petty concerns. — Satish Daryanani

Business woman on tightrope