These days, with the Coronavirus, a lot of people are putting on masks during flights as a precaution. The kids do look cute with the masks on. We want to protect our health and bodies. I, too, wanted a permanent mask, so I would eat less and talk less. All the troubles in my life arise from my mouth. If I wear a mask, no germs will come in and I will only be enjoying the gems of peace. Then I wondered, if I had a permanent mask on my mouth, who would trouble my spiritual Masters? They would get bored. Who would appreciate the delicious food that everyone makes for me? So no permanent mask for me. Instead, I want an invisible mask that lets me enjoy all the delicious stuff from this world without overdoing it and lets me speak only words that will push the buttons of others. Along with this, I’ll need a little sense of humor, so it does not become a bitter pill. The virus from outside may penetrate and make me sick, once in a while. This will remind me to enjoy life and never complain when I have good health. — Satish Daryanani

Face masks at the Festival of Colors