Some people feel they can get away with anything, even with murder. After all, what can the other person do about it? It is for this reason people feel they can do anything they want. Your actions may not be corrected by the person of whom you take advantage, but they will be by the force of nature that keeps track of everything. The one who has been taken advantage of only enjoys watching the show, as everyone pays a price for their actions. If everything is perfect in the world, it is easy to be peaceful; but, when the one who has been taken advantage of still maintains his peace, it shows his spiritual strength. I am not saying that you should wish for major challenges in your life but, if challenges come, you get to know your growth. For example, when you rebound and win the game after being down 18 points in the fourth quarter of Game 7 in the NBA finals, it shows the strength of your game. The greater the challenge from the world, the more you develop championship skills. Let the world underestimate you so that, when the giant needs to wake up, you can shake the whole world with your presence. That is why there is a saying, “Please do not poke a sleeping bear.” — Satish Daryanani