At Disney World in Orlando, there is a Virtual Reality ride in the Epcot Center called Soarin’. In it, we are stationary, only images move on a massive screen. People scream and lift their legs to avoid getting hit. It seems so real, as if we are moving at great heights. Do we believe what our eyes are seeing? We get deceived by our own eyes. I was with my Spiritual Master for this ride, and He said that every spiritual aspirant should go on this ride. Our lives are the same. We are seeing this massive screen called life, perpetually moving. We are afraid, happy, sad, stressed, and worried. We respond by crying or laughing. We believe this screen of life is real and are deceived by all our senses. Yet, no one sees that we are steady. We can react by enjoying the ride, not forgetting the truth that we are where we are. We are still, not moving. The screen of time and space is creating a ride for us. We are free from all that is happening. So, what do we believe? Is all that we think real or are we as the steadfast rock of Gibraltar, which is what we really are? — Satish Daryanani