We know nothing. We pray, plan, and do our best for no benefit. We celebrate our birthdays but, we don’t remember our birth. Our birth certificate tells us the date we were born. All that is happening is far, far better than we can imagine. We might get an A+ in our studies, but we still are not smart. My life has taught me that I am the dumbest person on earth. Today is the so-called birth of this human form and, one day, when the lease expires, this human form will cease to exist. What did I learn? This speck of a speck has an ego greater than that of Albert Einstein or Bill Gates. We cannot comprehend all that is happening. So, dumb people, like me, cling to spirituality. There is nothing to understand, just to enjoy the show. Why question or worry about anything? Why is the sunrise in the east and not the west? We learn in school and do not question how we have seven layers of skin, and not six or eight. We do not know anything. What we should know is that the One who knows all is far smarter. So relax, and enjoy like a child who believes anything that is told to them. — Satish Daryanani