We have to go to school, graduate college, and then do post-graduate studies and eventually earn a Ph.D. Similarly, to be an aspirant you have to do selfless service, renounce identification with the body, be free from selfishness, egoism, and desires, and not be a slave to the senses. You have to eradicate negative traits and purify yourself. You become the embodiment of purity, love, mercy, and goodness. You have to develop ethical perfection and burn out of the mind all cravings. Yearning for the Lord should not come out of misery in your daily life. Experiencing the ultimate cannot come from juvenile enthusiasm or emotional bubbling, but from diligently doing your austerities day and night. Pure attitude, a degree of evolution, and the power of concentration are needed along with a devotional heart. With the Lord’s grace, you will be fortunate to experience everything that is within you in the state of Samadhi, meaning the union, with the Divine. — Satish Daryanani