I believe in only one thing, and that is to be permanently happy. Every being in nature does everything, or nothing, just to be happy. A thief steals so he will be happy. Saints help others because this brings them happiness. Sending these thoughts is not done for the benefit of others, it is done for my happiness. Can you be permanently happy? You can, when you experience God, whose name is Mr. or Mrs. Happy. Then you get the supreme happiness called “bliss.” This comes when you renounce everything, but you don’t become a beggar. You do your best and you renounce whatever comes. This detachment from the fruit of your labor is the first step toward happiness. Once you realize that every second of your life is spent only to make yourself happy, you will laugh at all the self-induced misery and stress through which you put yourself. All this just to make yourself happy? Such is the irony of life. We make ourselves unhappy in order to make ourselves happy. — Satish Daryanani