There are many castes and sub-divisions within each caste. I wonder if anyone knows them all. From which caste does God come? Is He the only one from His caste or are there a few privileged people who belong with Him? In truth, we have created all the differences so that a few people get the majority to do all the jobs they do not want to do. Adam and Eve belonged to no religion, race, creed, or caste. People have created this caste system to take advantage of each other. Constitutions may contain words about equality, but our hearts and minds see differences. These differences are passed down through generations. When we slowly broaden the horizon of our narrow-mindedness, the light in our heart glows. By Limiting people because of where and to whom they were born, limits growth. Everything comes from one source and goes back to the same source. Those who think they are superior are missing the enjoyment of life. They have to maintain these high standards. Seeing everyone with the same love makes you a compassionate person. I want to start a new caste — the caste of love. — Satish Daryanani