A mother creates a big playground for her child with lots of toys to occupy his or her mind, and the child is kept busy playing. Once the child is bored with the toys or gets hurt, he looks for the mother. Until then, he is not even aware of the existence of his mothers. On the other hand, the mother is constantly aware of the child playing. As long as the child is busy, the mother leaves him alone. We have a lot of toys and distractions in the world. Only when we get fed up, or really hurt, do we seek our real mother, God. We involve God only when we musts. If we need Him, He is there and yet, not there. Some believe in God’s existence and some believe there is no God. This is how parents should be in the lives of their children. At a certain age, we parents should be spare tires, like God–there, only when needed. Let the kids play in the world. Hear their cries and then come running. God does not feel sad if all His kids forget Him and are enjoying His playground. This is how we know He is detached. Loving us without demanding love in return. So, let us learn from God about our involvement in the world. — Satish Daryanani