The answer you give to this question determines your life. Many seek the correct answer. It could be the fragrance of jasmine in the morning autumn breeze or it could be a stem full of thorns. Life could either be challenging or a bed of roses. Life is given to all of us. Most of us base our understanding of what is life on all the experiences of our five senses. A few base it on experiences from within, which are permanent. For me, life is a gift of time and I have to use it. The more I entertain myself, the more time is being used to its fullest. Not getting bored is the best use of time. For me, life is not serious, as it is given by the One who had nothing better to do with His time. This gift of life can be appreciated when we see life as life itself, nothing more or less. We complicate life when it is really so simple. You have life, you are aware of it, and have only one identification, “I am alive.” That’s it.— Satish Daryanani