Many years ago, I asked this question to my spiritual Master. He knew I am lazy, with not many talents, and he said, “Your specific purpose in life is to spread the teachings.” I was happy, as I love talking about the Masters, God, and spirituality. I was also relieved as he did not tell me that I had to practice the teachings first, before spreading the teachings. Giving away free books or spending a few moments writing these thoughts is easy. Many spiritual questions have different answers, depending on one’s level of understanding. I also get free entertainment from confusing people by giving different answers, as every answer is correct. For example, just like there is the law of karma there also is no such thing as karma. Both are correct. It depends on how you look at it. My service and entertainment are the same. If you are told to build hospitals, schools, or places of worship, it requires a lot of funds. If you go to heal the poor and sick, it takes a lot of effort. My specific duty takes little effort. The information comes free and is to be given freely. I offer my gratitude to my Masters. They have given me enough material to play my role in this comedy show of life.— Satish Daryanani

Jerry Steinfeld image from Wikimedia, unchanged