There are two main purposes of human beings. The positive purpose is that we learn and develop the ability to be patient, to forgive, to be loving, to provide companionship, to serve and receive service, and to inspire. Some human beings seem to have another purpose. They betray and hurt others. This turns them to realize that there is only one true love that they can have—and that is for God. Some sit in silence and leave the world because they are rubbed and scrubbed by people. This leads them to discover the Lord within. If we do so, with grace, we can see the Lord in everyone. Now, we are all not just human beings. We are God’s image. Again, it is easy to deal with everyone, if we do not see their individuality, but see them as expressions of God. So, hang around with someone like me. I will push your buttons so you can go running back to God. — Satish Daryanani