Fear is my dear friend. It helps me stay on the right track. It helps me to be brave. The fear of displeasing the Lord  demonstrate fear doing its best job. Fear is good, so we can get funds for donations. Fear of the boss makes people work hard. Fear of the spouse crushes a person’s ego. The fear of my spiritual Masters ignoring me makes me obey them. Fear of going to hell makes people think of God and ask for forgiveness. Fear of a reduction in our credit worthiness makes us pay our bills on time. Fear of darkness inspires us to discover the light within. Fear of being alone inspires us to put effort in giving love to others. Fear of an I.R.S. audit makes us pay taxes. Fear of a cop giving a speeding ticket makes us drive within the speed limit. Real courage comes when you become completely fearless. This can only happen with complete faith that everything that is happening is for your good. There will be no fear of anyone, anything, not even God, or death. How can I fear the One who loves me more than anyone or anything in the world? So roar like you are the King of the Jungle. Others might fear you, but the King is fearless. — Satish Daryanani

eyes filled with fear