Many times we speak to someone without having a common factor. Then what can we talk about? It is fun when we have things in common to discuss. It is fun to talk about the lives of spiritual Masters or their teachings. We get engrossed in conversation if it is work-related or has something to do with service. Otherwise, it’s just, “How are you?” “Everything is fine.” Then, what is left to say? Similarly, if God came, how many will know what to say? Actually, when you see God, there is nothing to say, just to experience. We have to talk in this world but, in time, you will talk less and less of things that do not excite you. One thing will always get my juices flowing: It is answering the questions that I once had, not to debate, but just to tell others what I heard. If the other person disagrees, I go back to being silent. I wish I had talked less and experienced more the presence of my spiritual Masters. — Satish Daryanani