My spiritual Master always had a smile on His face. I would wonder what made Him smile. He saw God in everyone. He probably also smiled at my stupidity. Seeing Him smile brought a smile to my face. Now, I smile at all the memories of my Masters. I smile at people who are consumed by thinking this world is real. I smile at all the crazy questions I asked in the past. I smile at what I thought God was and what God is. I smile at all the useless stress I took on in the past. I smile while looking in the mirror and seeing the muscles that have turned to fat. I smile at the hair disappearing from my head. I smile at all the blessings the Lord has given me—the most important is the ability to smile. In the end, the most important smile comes from knowing that I am loved by all the Masters and the Lord. They have put up with me as I am, without any judgement. So let me smile as a form of gratitude for all the smiles I have received. — Satish Daryanani

Smiling baby