The things that motivate us the most are convenience, need and self-interest. The reasons could be either for selfish or unselfish. In our day-to-day lives, if we understand what motivates people, there will be no disappointments, as most people are slaves of all three. Even a spiritual aspirant comes to a spiritual Master out of convenience, the need for peace and self-interest in life after death. They only start to serve when it’s convenient, or they need to feel good in helping others, or the self-interest in doing good deeds and the benefits received from them. When you are free from all of the above, what will be your motivation to live? It is time pass, or only to pass time, and nothing else. There will be no motivation to even exist. You are here so everything is only for your entertainment. As the self ceases to exist, all conveniences and inconveniences are gone. There is no need for anything and without the self all interests are irrelevant. As long as there is the self we become slaves of all three and every thought, word and action are related to the three masters. Satish Daryanani