If you are leaving this human form, what will you miss the most? For me, it’s easy. What I will miss the most will be all the experiences with my spiritual Masters. With their grace, experiencing the peace and divinity. Then, after that, everything else. Once we start contemplating on this subject, we will learn to appreciate everything even more. Only when something is taken away from us do we really appreciate its value. Yesterday was the 19th anniversary of my Master leaving His body. I did appreciate Him while He was with me but, not as much as now when He is not physically with me. We will miss everything we enjoyed and realize we should not have wasted precious time on ruining our lives for petty things. I will even miss typing these thoughts, as I will not have the thumbs to type. Indirectly, we will miss ourselves. While we are with ourselves, we do not appreciate our own presence. Learn to enjoy with your own presence. Nothing is greater than that. Satish Daryanani