If you identify as a father or a mother, you deal with all the issues of a parent. A husband or a wife, then you have to deal with marital issues. If you identify with the body, then you have to put up with the physical elements of the body. If you identify with the mind, then you have to deal with stress, happiness or unhappiness, excitement or depression. If you identify with the soul, then you think of Heaven, Hell, reincarnation, and karma. Now, if you identify with nothing there are no issues with which to deal. There are no further concerns or fears over your past actions. There is nothing that has happened or is going to happen. No one is there to experience anything. It is not easy to reach this state. When you get fed up with all the responsibilities of the previous identifications, you give up and become nothing. It is this nothingness, or zero, that will set you free. Then all questions are over. — Satish Daryanani

zero carved out of wood