People think they are humble. They think they are spiritual. They think the world does not affect them. They think they are honest, compassionate, and knowledgeable. These same people crumble when a massive jolt comes into their lives. It is easy to be all of the above when life is smooth. You are tested when the death of a loved one occurs, or when you face a big financial or health challenge. Your reaction shows what you are made of. It is easy to run way from the world and say, “I am not affected.” Go get roasted by this world and see if you are still on top of the world. Take pressure, take risks, get completely involved, and see if you are still floating. Talk is cheap, show your inner strength through action. See how well-anchored you are, so the storms of the world do not affect you. You should get so consumed in problems that people feel you may have a heart attack. You must develop the ability that, in a split second of a split second, you can leave the world and its problems completely. — Satish Daryanani

Man tips his hat with self-confidence