We say our age based on the number of years we live. The real answer should be based on the days we are true to ourselves. Many women do not reveal their age, not because they want to be young, but because of the number of years they have lost by not being themselves. They have not lived for a very long time. When you and your individuality is lost, you have not lived. Age is based on the number of days you are truly free, having lived the life worth living. That is your real age in this human form. You are truly a fortunate person if you can tell your age based on your birth certificate. By wasting the years of being alive, you are not better off than a dead person. Even if you say you are one year old, at least you have experienced what it is to be alive. You have not wasted even one day of your life. That is the true definition of living a long life. — Satish Daryanani

Photo of old man looks like baby