Sometimes, no matter what you do, nothing seems to go your way. People go to priests and have them recite prayers. They even wear gem stones to change their luck. I was once told I would have to go through a seven year “grata,” during which, no matter what I do, I would not be successful. It did come true. I guess stars really determine your fortunes. Then, when things go your way, everything pours upon you. This feast or famine theory does occur. I have only seen deserts and rain forests, nothing in between. Yet, in spirituality, I have been fortunate to receive the pouring of grace. No famine, not even for a day. Fortune tellers and priests can only help with worldly fortunes. My spiritual Masters and the Lord have given me an abundance of spiritual fortune. So, the seven years of bad luck did not seem long. There is no need to wear those lucky stones nor to perform special prayers. What will come will come. That is due to me. There are no highs and lows of the inner wealth. Whatever you have will always be with you. It can expand but never reduce. — Satish Daryanani