Today the price of many stocks has gone high. When do you cash out? Many years ago, during the technology boom, my spiritual Master told me to cash out. I did not listen. Then came the crash and all my profits were gone. It is hard to time the market, so it is hit or miss. We have this human form and have collected a wealth of knowledge. Just having the information without experiencing it is like having assets and never enjoying it. A friend of mine showed me a piece of land that a person bought for his wife for $55,000 many years ago. Recently he was offered $125 million for it. The couple died and now the family is fighting over the land. They never enjoyed the fruit of their assets. Knowledge not turned into wisdom is like owning the property without enjoying the profits. We learn from spiritual Masters—read and listen to their words of wisdom. But we have not tasted the benefits. So cash out before it is too late. When we leave our bodies, all our knowledge goes with us, but the experiences of wisdom persist permanently. — Satish Daryanani